Omex is Committed to our Environment
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Environmental Commitment

At Omex Manufacturing, we believe that effective environmental stewardship is an important part of our business. To that end, we have established an Environmental Management System to ensure that we conduct our operations in a sustainable way that minimizes harm to the natural environment.


ISO 14001 Certified

Our Environmental Management System is certified to ISO 14001:2015, the global “gold standard” for Environmental Management Systems. We’re proud of this accomplishment and we encourage all of our employees to help us maintain this high level of performance.

Our manufacturing processes are designed with the environment in mind:
  • Through process optimization and a robust recycling program, we divert 99% of our waste away from the landfill and into various recycling programs.

  • We recently upgraded our facility lighting to high efficiency LEDs, reducing our overall electricity consumption.

  • All of our press lines feature a closed-loop lubrication system which mixes, distributes, collects, and filters our lubrication for continued use.

  • All MAG welding operations at Omex feature fully enclosed workcenters connected to a central air filtration system, returning clean air to the facility.

  • Omex has transitioned our operations to a paperless production system.

  • We actively work with our customers, suppliers, and internal teams to optimize component packaging: rather than single-use cardboard, we want to use returnable containers which can be used hundreds—if not thousands—of times.

  • Omex works with customer engineering teams to ensure that common nuts and bolts are used on our products, making it easier to disassemble and recycle parts of the vehicle when they’re no longer drivable.

Our Environmental Policy

To find out more about the commitment Omex Manufacturing is making towards environmental sustainability, check out our Environmental Policy.
Omex Environmental Policy

we are IATF certified and ISO 14001 certified