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What we do

Omex Manufacturing is the single-source solution for complex and challenging programs in the automotive industry. Our team has the experience, expertise, and infrastructure to ensure that we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


Stamping is at the heart of what we do. Our presses range in size from 160 tons to 630 tons, and include state-of-the-art servo mechanical presses with automated feed lines and transfer systems. Omex has the expertise to produce complex parts which other stamping companies shy away from. Our experience with cold forging, high-tolerance wire forming, extrusions, in-die assembly, and servo in-die tapping set us apart from our competitors. That expertise and experience has also shaped the physical infrastructure that we employ at Omex—we use underground scrap shakers and centralized oil mixing facilities to reduce downtime and ensure that we produce a consistent product in a highly efficient manner.
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Draw & Roll Forming

Draw and roll-forming is another core manufacturing processes that Omex provides. Our draw lines are designed for continuous feeding of raw wire, which allows us to avoid the downtime caused by coil changes. Our draw lines are designed to unify several processes: we reduce, straighten, cut-to-length, and chamfer raw blanks—all in one continuous process. These blanks are then used at our roll-forming lines, where we have the capability of producing fully-threaded or partially-threaded rods to exacting tolerances in various diameters, lengths, thread orientations, and thread geometries. Our roll-forming lines are consistently amongst our most efficient workcenters—thanks in large part to the proprietary solutions we’ve developed to minimize die wear and increase throughput. You could say that our roll-forming lines are a thread ahead of the competition!
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Several years ago, our customers had a need which we were uniquely situated to address— the ability to weld high-precision rolled spindles to stamped brackets. We expanded our internal capabilities and added MAG (metal active gas) welding processes to our facility, and we now consider welding to be one of our core processes. Our standardized robotic weld cells provide notable benefits, including reduced changeover times, fixture interchangeability, and hands-free part ejection during serial production. The innovative Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding process we employ creates a low-heat, low-spatter weld, which allows us to weld thin materials with a low degree of distortion—crucial features as the automotive industry moves towards lighter weights and tighter tolerances.

Our robotic weld cells are fully-enclosed designs which are connected to a central air filtration system, which keeps our plant cleaner and safer for our employees. In addition to our MAG welding capabilities, we also operate several resistance welding cells, using the latest Medium Frequency Direct Current (MFDC) technology, which allows us to complete welds more quickly and with more consistency than a conventional AC welder.
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Manual and automated assembly operations represent the most varied set of processes at Omex. Each cell is either custom-fabricated or designed to use custom fixtures to ensure that every part meets or exceeds the requirements of our customers. We offer several types of value-added operations, including clinching, crimping, riveting, and bushing insertion. Our fully automated assembly cells integrate modern robotics with in-line inspection, using advanced vision systems and sensor technology to prevent or detect and contain defective material. Our manual assembly cells also incorporate modern sensing technology—preventing parts from being made unless every component is in position.
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we are IATF certified and ISO 14001 certified