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Omex manufactures a wide variety of automotive parts, from body-in-white, to seating and drivetrain components. We use the latest technology in all of our equipment which allows us to manufacture very tight tolerance parts, with the lightest and strongest materials on the market. From stamp-and-ship products, to complex sub-assemblies, including parts with in-die assembly, Omex has a skilled team of experts to tackle a wide variety of jobs.


Stampings are at the core of what we do, and at Omex our stampings range from 150 ton presses right up to 600 ton servo presses with both progressive and transfer capabilities. We also specialize in in-die assembly and in-die tapping operations.


At Omex, we pride ourselves in being a solutions provider. To that end, we are able to provide not only the stampings, but also full sub-assemblies that meet our customer requirements. From a simple clinch nut, weld stud, or full assemblies with robotic MAG welding, Omex can provide a one-stop-shopping experience for many of our customers.

Leadscrews & Leadscrew 

Omex also produces millions of roll-formed leadscrews every year. From simple leadscrews to complex welded and stamped "one-piece design" sub-assemblies, we provide a wide-range of leadscrew products to meet our customer's needs.

we are IATF certified and ISO 14001 certified